Posts I would like to write, given time

Jun 13 2009 Published by under Posts I would like to write

I have great post titles and topics in my head, but much less time to blog! (quick review: I work 40-50 hours/week, sometimes work 4 hours on Sunday afternoons, am a doctoral student preparing for comprehensive exams in mid-July, am married with a house, a old cat (in kidney failure - which creates clean up issues), and a dog.... well, you get the idea)
So, I'm going to post blog post titles from time to time, and allow the reader to fill in the responses for themselves 🙂
Here's #1:
When is it a valid test of the scholarly communication system to perpetrate a hoax, and when is it a party foul? If it is a valid test of peer review, then what inferences can you legitimately make, given success? Research ethics deal with balancing the potential harm to the participants with the good for society as a whole (among other things). Is it ethical (or legitimate) if you pick on a poorly-regarded publisher, and use that to impune the reputation of well-regarded publishers? Does the harm out weigh the scientific merit?

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