OT: How I spent my Sunday

Jul 05 2009 Published by under Off Topic

This picture arrived in email last week. My parents lost an oak tree. M and I offered to come and help clear it out.  When we got there around 10 this morning, my brother in law had already cut a bit up.

The tree was probably ~150 years old and was 32" across at the trunk.

Luckily it missed the house, the transformer and my dad's huge ham antenna. It did fall on this sycamore, but it was still standing

By the end of the day it was cut into segments, but we left the splitting for my brother in law. He had to more them around with my Dad's tractor, which also gives you an idea of scale.

Most of the day was spent with the chipper/shredder - it hooks on to the PTO on the back of the tractor and takes up to 1.25" branches (always fun!).  Unfortunately the small limbs had been moved to sit on a nice shiny pile of poison ivy. We also met this little guy:

We're home. Tired, sunburned bug bitten (mosquitoes, too), and irritated from washing with fels naptha, but nice to have a different kind of productivity.

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