Comps day 2

Jul 16 2009 Published by under comps

So this was the dreaded STS. Crap. Good questions, but really, really not sure about my answers.  I did have the guts to shush people talking loudly outside the door and they gave me dirty looks. Oh well!

Q 1 choice between:

- relationship btwn science - technology - society. specifically, relationship btwn science and technology, science and society, technology and society... and how does all this influence sci-tech policy


- pick some major themes out of current sts research and describe them. say how you can use them in your research

picked the first

Q2 choice between

- what is a scientist? what do scientists have in common that distinguishes them from non-scientists?  is the boundary between scientists and non-scientists socially constructed?  how has that changed over time or how is it different over different cultures. what are the practical, political, and rhetorical advantages and disadvantages to drawing this boundary between scientists and non scientists?


- what aspects of STS are useful to librarians and information professionals?...

the second went on a little bit longer, but I picked the first.

I was so done at 4 hours - I wish I had run out of time so I could give that as an excuse. I think my answers weren't so hot.  I did a word count and the first was 1600 words and the second was 1300. I really felt that I repeated myself a lot.


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