Credentials to be a library school professor?

Aug 23 2009 Published by under librarians

Dr. Free-Ride answers the question about what credentials are needed to become a philosopher. It's interesting to note, actually, that in library schools - places where one goes to study to become a librarian - folks might have a PhD in just about anything. From education to computer science to anything starting with information (systems/studies/science/technology/management) to economics or business or psychology.... In fact, most of the courses you need to take to become a librarian are taught by adjuncts who are practitioners.

Funny thing is that ALA's accreditation committee wants to change that and the library schools are not amused 🙂

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  • Mike says:

    Great blog. I really enjoy reading it.
    If the ALA's argument is that we need more librarians teaching in LIS programs, I disagree. I can certainly see the point that a specific education is needed to be a good librarian, but the field is pragmatic enough as it is. To continue to be relevant, librarians are going to need to be versed in information/computer science, marketing, psychology, ethics, etc., and I think the best people to teach those subjects are the experts in the fields. I guess I think library schools should educate future librarians not train them.