AGU experimenting with open peer review

Oct 13 2009 Published by under open science, scholarly communication

This was in an earlier EOS (pdf, not available online for institutional subscribers so I found this by flipping through the print!) - number 32 of this year from 11 August. They're trying what Nature tried and dropped and what EGU has been fairly successful with in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics - although neither gathered/s many comments.
They're trying it for just a year and only for a few journals:

  • G-cubed
  • Global Biogeochemical Cycles (?)
  • JGR-Earth Surface
  • JGR-Planets
  • Radio Science

It's completely voluntary.Registration is required to comment. The formal reviews will be posted (may be anonymous), but the whole thing goes away when the article is published.
That last bit is a shame. If some of the comments are good and really constructive, it's a shame to toss them. The few geoblogosphere comments I saw were not impressed. I looked all over JGR - Earth Surface and even signed into GEMS and couldn't find any articles.

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