Science journal publishers experimenting with different models

Nov 18 2009 Published by under publishing, scholarly communication

It seems like there was nothing new from the established publishers for a while - nothing with their core business.  Some experimented with ways to communicate and most updated content management systems, but it seemed like most weren't touching their standard models.  PLOS' experiments met with raised eyebrows and skepticism, but now, looks like others are taking notice and finally starting to experiment in their core business.

I already commented on Nature starting up a quick turnaround journal - ok, new product offerings aren't that exciting except for this is new for Nature.

What seems much more cool is ASM (the microbiology people, not the materials science people) are now introducing a quick turnaround journal and encouraging open access.  This post on Jonathan Eisen's blog has some back and forth with the editors.

EOS from AGU is experimenting with open peer review (not the first in their field)

All this is pretty healthy, I think. Let's see where it goes.

In light of giving people credit - EMBO is decreasing their 2010 prices to take into account the percentage of articles that are published open access. Springer promised to do this when the % of OA was at a certain level, but I think this is the first one I've heard that is actually doing it

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