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I'm here at The Informationist: Collaboration between scientists and librarians to support informatics research at the Embassy Suites in DC. It's sponsored by Elsevier as part of their Research Connect series.

(stream of consciousness)

Annette Williams, Vanderbilt U Med Ctr - Integrating best evidence into patient care

Essentially seemed to be 3 pieces. Within their order set something or other, their internally developed electronic med records some messaging and stuff, and consumer health site linked to icd-9 codes and lab test explanations.

Dr. Medha Bhagwat, Bioinformatics Trainer, NIH Library - NIH Library Bioinformatics Support Program

She moved from NCBI last year and is working to tailor the program and to support bioinformatics in the library. The "library" was a place for print journals, but it is evolving into a place for discovery, research, and learning. They have a writing center, green terrace (place to sit outside that's really nice), reading room (for quiet work), informationists & librarians on rounds and working on undiagnosed disease programs.  She has been training trainers and bioinformatics end users but it's new to move this into the library.

She started with a survey at NIH to see what is needed and she interviewed some researchers. Their program includes: classroom training, one on one consultations, licensing resources, books/journals/databases, online tutorials. Classes: 7 sessions, 3 hrs each, hands on in the training room (20 laptops), practical applications - problem based, paired problem approach. Web page and handout with screenshots and step by step instructions. They have room for 20, and then had over a hundred on the waiting list so they had to do some lectures and with multiple hands on sections.

She's also doing some distance things through NLM and a session on genetics at SLA in New Orleans.

Ashlea Higgs, Elsevier Informatics and Performance Planning and Funding

Selling bibliometrics in a box to be used for national research assessment as well as institutional level work. Seems to be another product besides SciVal.

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