Exceptionally brief review of the audiobook version of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Jun 30 2010 Published by under Off Topic

I’m very late in reviewing this book and there are a lot of very detailed reviews, but I thought I could add bit about the recording. I have my own signed copy of the print, but with work and school stuff, I don’t have time for personal reading.  I was very happy to notice that the audiobook had been added to my public library’s digital library.

The book:

Skloot, R. (2010). The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. New York: Crown Publishers. Find in your library: http://www.worldcat.org/title/immortal-life-of-henrietta-lacks/oclc/326529053

The audio version is available on CD and also via Overdrive, as a downloadable audiobook.  It was performed by Cassandra Campbell with Bahni Turpin. Westminster, Md: Books on Tape.


Campbell’s voice is quiet and clear and moving. The tone of her voice causes you to listen more carefully and you’re quickly drawn into this amazing story. There’s an interview with the author at the end, and it’s almost surprising that she doesn’t sound like Campell, because you believe the narrator.

Bahni Turpin reads a few passages that are direct quotes of Henrietta’s daughter, Deborah. I’m not entirely sure this was necessary, but it did add to the telling.

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