SIGIR 2010 is going on right now

Jul 21 2010 Published by under information retrieval

in Geneva. This is the ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval. Besides the academic types, this huge conference pulls a lot from the search engine industry and there’s a lot of interesting stuff.

The twitter tag is #sigir2010 and there’s some bloggy coverage. (heh, today’s keynote – is the Cranfield paradigm outdated – um, yes, if it was ever dated!). Danield Tunkelang is blogging (I think he’s at Google now).  A search on Google blog search yields a few more.

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  • Art says:

    Completely off topic, but the term 'information retrieval' always reminds me of a scene from the movie Brazil where information retrieval involved a dentist chair, leather binding, and a guy in a scary doll mask doing mean and painful things to someone.

  • Christina Pikas says:

    yeah, librarians only resort to that when natural language searching fails 😉

  • lylebot says:

    I was there 🙂 The answer is no, the Cranfield paradigm is not outdated. I can see that you and I are in opposing camps within this field 😉