Settling in stuff

Aug 04 2010 Published by under [Etc], Admin

We're still working out a few bugs, thanks for your patience.

  • Comments are now appearing on this blog unmoderated - after I figured out how to do that. Some of my fellow Scientopians intend to take their comments off of moderation but haven't yet ( a few are on vacation or are doing field work or are at funerals so give them a bit of time)
  • The feed is coming out only with a summary even though it's set to provide the full text. This impacts a few of us. fixed
  • There are no categories showing on individual posts.fixed

There are probably a few more things - but as you can see, they're fairly minor, just in conveniences.  Please bear with us and our one overworked technical person! If there's something else that you see causing problems, please let us know.  Thanks!

Edited to correct the name of our site - thanks Carol!

Edited again to reflect how much work has been done - please do keep pointing out anything that you'd like to see done differently.

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