Rundown of the new interfaces this summer

Aug 06 2010 Published by under [Information&Communication], libraries

I've been a librarian for a little bit, and I can't remember a time when so many interfaces changed in such a short period of time. I really feel for the academic librarians who have to update all of their training materials. I'm going to run down some here, and then add to it as I hear of more. Some of these are major (RefWorks and others are more cosmetic ChemNetBase)

Already done

  • PubMed - but that was a bit ago
  • CRCnetBase - what a kerfuffle, that was this spring but ChemNetBase was just this past week
  • IEEE Xplore
  • AccessEngineering
  • Embase
  • EbscoHost - this just happened today for my place of work
  • Royal Society of Chemistry journals
  • Sage journals (they were moving a few at a time, not sure if this is complete)
  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
  • added Human Kinetics (journal pages)
  • moved from coming Safari ebooks (they hope the "vast majority" of books will still be there after the re-org, uh-oh!)
  • moved from coming Books 24x7 (basically the same, new colors)
  • moved from coming SpringerLink
  • moved from coming Wiley Interscience > Wiley Online Library


  • Lexis Nexis Academic (cough - lipstick on a pig - cough), due any time now
  • Science Direct & Scopus > SciVerse, due August 28
  • RefWorks > RefWorks 2.0, due Fall 2010
  • EngineeringVillage (adding citing information to Compendex and Inspec from Scopus)
  • moved from future Faculty of 1000 > combined bio, medicine, & The Scientist, due October 1 (+/- 2 days)

Announced for the future

  • Web of Science, due early 2011
  • ProQuest, CSA Illumina > new ProQuest platform (this is a big, big deal)
  • ACM has a beta of their abstract page - not sure when this is coming

What am I missing?

Updated yet again 8/24 - totally missed JSTOR, but Meredith Farkas sheds a little light there.

One response so far

  • Barbara Fister says:

    Only that I'm already feeling more than a bit deranged to have new Chicago revision to deal with on top of the disasters that MLA and APA hath wrought. So all these new interfaces will be met with insane laughter from me.

    I am taking a looooong trip up de Nile.