One Week Anniversary

Aug 09 2010 Published by under [Etc], Admin

It's been a busy and exciting week here on Scientopia! Lots of new features just in this week (rotating quotes, polling, and the sharing thing at the bottom are the most recent). There were some minor bumps along the way but I think we're all set now.

I've ordered my Scientopia swag (and you can, too).

I was going to try to post more often - particularly for the first week - and I'm happy with my posting rate. Just in case you're in Christina overload, never fear, I'll probably slow down a bit from now on. It has actually been much easier than I expected because there have been so many interesting things going on.

When John and I first got to ScienceBlogs we asked what the readers wanted to know. I'll ask again now - what would you like to know about library and information science? My experience and expertise is basically orthogonal to Dorothea's so if it's in her realm, I'll pass it off to her.

So Happy Anniversary and many happy returns!

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  • Carl says:

    Funny nobody commented yet, so I'll have to come forth from lurking šŸ˜‰ I hope I don't speak purely for myself when listing interesting topics about LIS:

    - use of online tools (e.g. utilizing niche features in Wolfram Alpha? or simply scientopia)
    - any personal comments on the new RefWorks interface (for example)?
    - (impact of) Open Access
    - things that cannot be done automatically (adding special meta data?)
    - change/evolution of processes (cataloging 5yrs ago vs today)
    - change in interaction with patrons (are patrons using chat/twitter/blog comments differently than expected)

    and of course good, classic stuff: freak requests; strange things like "latest scientific article about water" or things that have proven impossible to find out. Anything you feel you may not have been able to answer sufficiently (language problems, necessity to travel someplace in person, lost sources,...).

    Yeah, that's some of the stuff which is most interesting about LIS for me -- big thanks for listening to feedback, but don't act on everything, I have been subscribed to your blog a long time, so you have been interesting before šŸ™‚ Keep up the good and interesting work (and keep blogging about it).
    Thanks and best! C.