Some thoughts on the Nook

Oct 16 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

My husband gave me a Nook ereader for my birthday – I didn’t know I wanted one, but he did a lot of research and thought I would like this one. This post is a brief review.

There are a few reasons I hadn’t jumped on the ereader bandwagon. First, I’m really not doing any pleasure reading, since I’m spending my free cycles working on writing (and that hasn’t been going all that great). The reading I am doing is reviewing books I have on research methods and then some articles for work. It seems like ereaders are more for immersive reading and I’m more or less skipping around. The second reason is DRM. All of the readers are intended for you to purchase (license) books. Once you purchase books, you can’t lend them, and you have no guarantee that you’ll still be able to read them in a few years. The only books I ever buy are ones that I think are worth having, re-reading, and keeping over time. You can’t borrow books from the library on the Kindle, but you can move over pdfs that are unlocked.

So I now have a Nook and I am pleased to report that, while it is all set up to purchase things from Barnes and Noble, it will take DRM’d ePub and PDF documents from the library. The public library collections, that is. Lending things I’ve purchased is not really all that helpful, but borrowing things from the library is. I’ve borrowed and read a few books now, but need to cut back on that because it’s taking away from my writing time.

Otherwise, the Nook is heavier than I expected, but not really any heavier than a hardback. The page change rate is plenty fast. I have to remember to use the touch screen to navigate – since I’m used to my iphone and touching the screen itself.  It’s really easy to load things on it. The charge has been lasting about a week. I haven’t used the 3G or wifi with it since I’m just loading books from the public library and I do that by downloading them to Adobe Digital Editions and then moving them over the cable.

I can see using this instead of my laptop to read books. Traveling I’ll probably bring both. It can serve as an MP3 player, too, but I haven’t tried that yet. It also has a way you can put an expansion card in, but I haven’t tried that either.

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