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Dec 01 2010 Published by under my doctoral program

I had a nice long meeting with my dissertation committee on Monday. (gosh if you think of the brainpower and experience in the room for that meeting ... I'm in awe that these people agreed to take this time to mentor me)

It turns out that I'm not really as close as I thought I was and there are some big changes to make. Besides adding a lot to the literature review and conceptual framework, I'll be narrowing the empirical part quite a bit. Specifically, instead of picking 3 or more technologies to do case studies on, I'm just going to do two and focus on one group of researchers.  I'll be looking at... Twitter and blogs (I know, I'm surprised about the blogs - I love to study them but I thought to do something else instead)... and in ... geosciences!

I have my work for the next 2 years cut out - hopefully I can finish in that period of time.

So if you happen to be a scientist or science communicator or society employee in some area of geosciences (geology, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, climatology, planetary sciences, seismology, oceanography....).  I hope we will get a chance to meet up and talk 🙂

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  • Joe Hourclé says:

    I don't know if it they managed to get it or not, but I suggested having a message board in the informatics poster section at AGU -- one poster board reserved each day for people to post things. (of course, we'll have to take things down each night & put them back up each morning because of their cleaning process).

    ... don't know if they managed to get it, but if not, you're welcome to post a sign trying to recruit people to interview at my posters on Monday (IN11B-1076) or Tuesday (SH23C-1865 & -1866) ... it looks like you're author or co-author on a whole slew of posters from Tuesday through Friday, and could probably do the same there.

    • Christina Pikas says:

      That's a good idea! Unfortunately, I'll only be there from Sunday through Wednesday, but I could do that for my poster session Tuesday. I might take you up on putting one at your poster Monday. Thanks!

      • Joe Hourclé says:

        You don't have to be there to someone to have a sign up -- ask Michele or one of the others to put it up for you. I've put up signs about other conferences, degree programs, etc. for people who weren't even at the conference.

        Oh ... and one other warning -- don't dress up too much when presenting your poster -- it scares away the scientists. I guess they assume you're a grad student, and ignore the poster unless they want to complain about something.

  • Dave C. says:

    Have you taken a look at http://www.methodspace.com? You expertise, dissertation work, and interests would fit in nicely there.