12 months of this?

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Here's where I give you the first sentence of the first post each month of this year.

  • January: We’re just about set for a fabulous session on citation/bibliographic/reference managers at the upcoming Science Online conference.
  • February: I attended this one day pre-conference session on February 3, 2010. (about the PSP conference)
  • March: Back when I was working at the public library, I used to do the “introduction to the internet” classes.
  • April: I’m still on this kick on recommender systems.
  • May: Anne Jefferson from Highly Allochthonous pointed me to a new essay from Geoscientist Online, the member magazine of the Geological Society (UK).
  • June: Many/most/all (?) scientists and engineers who have ever published anything anywhere are now being inundated with calls for papers (CFP).
  • July: How do zombies seek and use information?
  • August: You found me!
  • September: We’re putting scientopia basically in to conservation mode to conserve resources until we get hosting issues squared away.
  • October: Update2 (10/2/2009): and I’m back, and typing in the right box this time. yay! (my blogging funk started in September)
  • November: Yes, it’s been terribly quiet around here. Not even any prodding about the Donor’s Choose (but please consider giving :) ).
  • December: I had a nice long meeting with my dissertation committee on Monday.

Unfortunately, it looks like things like embedded SlideShare presentations and FriendFeed threads didn't import here when I moved in August.

I started out the year gangbusters but the last quarter has been very slow and awkward. That's also the time when I made a lot of progress on my proposal, so it's not all bad. I'd like to get back to doing ResearchBlogging this year.

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