More on the impact of old folks in academe

Jan 05 2011 Published by under STS

My last post (I am so far from productive it's not funny... maybe I should be put out to pasture, lol) was a research blogging review of an article evaluating the claims that the graying of academia will impact productivity. DrugMonkey just brought an NSF report on a related subject to my attention.

Hoffer, T.B., Sederstrom, S., & Harper, D. (2010) The End of Mandatory Retirement for Doctoral Scientists and Engineers in Post Secondary Institutions:  Retirement Patterns 10 Years Later. InfoBrief (NSF11-302).

  • The age of retirement is edging up, but hasn't jumped dramatically as maybe some would have expected.
  • There's also interest in the interaction with type of institution (by Carnegie classification). Research universities had lower retirement rates for each age group, but the difference wasn't statistically significant.
  • Disciplinary area also didn't seem to make a difference with the exception of bio, ag, health sciences which had a drop in retirement rates from 39.8% to 33.7% from 1993 to 2003.
  • Men do retire earlier than women and the spread is widening.

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