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Jan 16 2011 Published by under Conferences

Isis and Tom Levenson

If you’re in the academy should you blog. If you blog, what should you expect. Tom is now on the promotion and tenure committee at work.

At R1s, blogging is neutral. It doesn’t help or hurt. It only causes an issue if it is displacing the other work that should be done. Do assume that everyone is reading it. You don’t know who will be asked to write letters for your tenure case – be careful who you insult.

Isis started blogging when she came to her current institution. She talked to her boss and he basically said this isn’t a replacement for the job we hired you to do, but if you can do it in your spare time, that’s fine. Her blog has been beneficial, but not in a way she would put on her CV.

Your blog is never the place to complain about your colleagues or students. It will get out and it is hurtful. Do vent about the process. Do not vent about the people.

People at Isis’ place of work know who she is and that she blogs, it’s just that she doesn’t want her blog to come up when her name is googled. She wants to keep her science separate from her blog. Maybe before tenure isn’t the best time to reinvent the culture, etc., in your workplace. Consider if you are where you should be in your career with the funding and publications you should have before you raise a fuss about blogging.


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