Library Day in the Life 6

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Like Dorothea, I participated in Library Day in the Life today. I work in a research lab, and unlike most days, I didn't do any in-depth literature searching today. I tweeted my day so this is in reverse order (end of the day first).

started working on list of social features needed to support a project.. got tired doing, timesheet..going home...this ends libday6

updating advertising for upcoming training session - had call in number starting at the wrong time  #alwaysglamorous [we make our training sessions available real time and recorded via MeetingPlace, a teleconferencing thingy that also lets you share the computer screen]

googling to figure out how to quit vi (it's been a long day) [had to find a program to do ssh - did with help from a friend - and that was on the terminal server so logged into that and then ssh'd all to change a pw and see more about how a site was set up]

finished meeting, lots more to-dos, now to write up my processes to e-mail to team members [involves a custom bib style in RefWorks which is the MovableType import format with open url linking]

now prepping for 3pm meeting, developing a feature/tool matrix for a new labwide project (sorta like an f1000, but >10 yrs old) [matrix appreciated but looks like we'll go lower tech with a combo of Zotero and SharePoint. Still dunno why Z and not RefWorks]

call out for an expert to help on project on internal mailing lists, posted some information to sharepoint, answered SP questions

before that, lunch with other scitech librarians to do post conference catchup

putting out some fires: something not cross searchable that should be, unsubbed thing still in cross search database [this is the only really librarian thing i did today]

Lots of to-dos fm mtg as local sme on social computing tools [sme is subject matter expert]

getting ready for a project meeting at 10. this is a labwide team I'm embedded in as an info scientist- utility player 🙂

editing some content for a project web page

e-mail includes search alerts from research databases - i have them come to me for QC and then fwd to researchers. good stuff today

to work a little earlier than sometimes, checking my e-mail and what meetings are on the schedule today.

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