Another little teaser on AGU10 tweets: NASA

I’m just starting to analyze the tweets from the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting from December. These are just the ones with the hashtag #agu10 that were kept in a TwapperKeeper account. The first of these teasers is in the previous post at:


We saw in that last picture how many tweets were tweeted to or mentioning theAGU and NASA. I was wondering what the circumstances were. Turns out that 257 (at least) of the 264 tweets at or mentioning NASA were re-tweets of their press release tweets. In fact, there wasn’t a ton of diversity in what was retweeted.

Number of tweets Identifying phrase
113 “loss of ice” 
34 “April Mexico quake”
31 “mars opportunity”
27 “some big NASA science”
19 “creeping faults in Bay area”
18 “more NASA science”
8 “electric atmosphere” video
7 “how hard are we pushing”

Everyone was retweeting the same few stories. I suspect from the graph that these folks weren’t tweeting anything else from the meeting. Were they even there or are they just NASA fans?

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