Initial playing around with Sci2

Jun 01 2011 Published by under bibliometrics, research

I’ve been seeing a lot about Sci2, a tool for scientometrics, social network analysis, science of science… all sorts of stuff from Indiana University. After watching some videos and reading through the very detailed instructions, I figured I would give it a try. So in a little while this afternoon, I got it going on my computer and worked through some of the workflows.

Pretty cool and pretty straight forward. Probably not as easy as, say, NetDraw for working with the graph. A lot more powerful. It also can do huge data sets and do things like co-word that the other programs don’t do out of the box (you need to get a helper program or write your own).  It also takes the output directly from both Scopus and Web of Science without any messing around.

After using some of their sample data, I tried some of my own. That did cause a little bit of frustration. My data are in RefWorks – this is the research output from a particular department at MPOW. It made sense to try BibTeX. Turned out that it wasn’t able to import because there were lots of extra @ , < , >, and continuation lines didn’t work. I made a custom export format to get rid of the notes, abstract, and affiliation fields. Then it turned out that there were <sup> in the titles and @ in the page number fields (dunno why for the latter). After i got it all cleaned up it imported and I was able to clean it up and “preprocess” the data. Then it turned out that I needed to have allocated more memory for the file size so I arbitrarily cut off half the data and tried again. It was calculating the bursts of keywords over time when I noticed it was getting really late so I left it going and headed home. I’ll post a pretty picture when I have one.

This is definitely worth a try. I’m all about lots of handholding and their wiki is very useful that way.

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