Shaking it Up: our ASIST 11 Submission

Jun 01 2011 Published by under Conferences, scholarly communication

A bunch of us answered Heather Piwowar’s call on Twitter to submit a panel for the annual meeting. Here’s the result:

Shaking it up: embracing new methods for publishing, finding, discussing, and measuring our research output

Alex Garnett, Heather Piwowar, Kim Holmberg, Jason Priem, Christina K. Pikas, and Nicholas Weber

There are a number of cool things about this session. First we’re going to have an ice breaker that gets people moving around an asserting opinions on the topic at hand. Second we’re going to have fast presentations from the panelists. Third, we’re going to have people fill out surveys and that will become part of a poster in a later session.

Should be fun, I hope the reviewers agree.

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