Announcing Christina's LIS Giving, Year 3

Oct 02 2011 Published by under Off Topic

I'm participating in my own little way to support Donors Choose. Donor's Choose is a neat organization that crowdsources helping teachers get classroom equipment that they need to teach their youngsters. You are of course encouraged to support Donors Choose year round, but right now there is a science bloggers challenge. Read more about this on Dr Freeride's blog. You can see who on on Scientopia is participating on our board and how Scientopia is competing with other networks on the overall board.

Most importantly, please consider donating to any of the projects on the site, even if the ones I've picked aren't the ones most interesting to you.

If you are a teacher-librarian in a public school and need classroom equipment/supplies, please consider submitting a project to Donors Choose so we can help you.

Finally, a couple of years ago (or more?) when I was trying to come up with a thank you gift for participants in a research study, I came across Donors Choose gift cards. What a great way to give money to the cause but allow the recipient to pick the projects.

See my projects on my page and the stats in my sidebar over there >

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