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I will be blogging the conference this year, but maybe with less coverage than some years for reasons I will probably describe soon.

I did not live blog the opening keynote because my computer had inadvertently turned itself on in transit and was very, very hot so I gave it a rest when I discovered that. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. There wasn’t anything new or thought provoking about it in my opinion. It was Tom Wilson, for whom I have a tremendous respect, but talking about preservation which is something he’s worked on a bit in retirement but which is not what he’s famous for. He talked about how well stone carvings, wood inscriptions, and other physical media have lasted. He then talked about the quantities of digital information and emulation vs. migration… all stuff you’ll see in any introduction to the subject.


I missed some of the first session, but came in on the discussion of Social Voting (which was about Amazon and IMDB) and then the discussion of Task Complexity (which wasn’t terribly generalizable because it seems like a lot was due to the fact that her participants were undergrads searching outside of their native language)

Technology Adoption and Use Theory Review for Studying Scientists’ Continued Use of Cyber-infrastructure

Youngseek Kim (with Kevin Crowston)

This is a review of 10 theories and creation of a framework (very cool, didn’t know this type of paper could get accepted here). They reviewed 600 papers from information science and related journals.

Cyber-infrastructure constellation of ICTs that support communication and data management for researchers

hpc, tools to support lifecycle of data, assemblage of diverse technologies

cyber infrastructures are adopted not really deployed (so not a cookie cutter, I think he’s saying

He then described what ICT adoption and use are (so these are the standard from lots of MIS and other studies).

They reviewed a lot of different adoption theories (like the standard ones TRA, TPB, TAM, UTAUT… etc) Most of the papers they found were about the adoption, and not post-adoption. TPB (theory planned behavior) did have some post adoption discussion (seems like Rogers talks about post adoption, too… but anyhoo)

(makes me feel good because i know all these theories 🙂 yay Maryland and Dr. White)

Post adoption theories are new – ECT, expectation confirmation theory (Oliver, 1980)

Their model has small triangle for adoption within a larger continued use triangle… worth digging up the paper.

Audience questions – you can tell we’ve all read this literature, too!

My Q was about more social and network affects and this is something they intend to add in the future

Another question was about habit vs. ability to personalize/customize.


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