ASIST2011: Miscellaneous sessions

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I’m reconstructing these a couple of days later as I just wasn’t able to really live blog this conference.

Tenure and Promotion in the Age of Online Social Media

Anatoliy Gruzd presented.

This is certainly a question we all ask: to what extent and how does social media impact promotion and tenure? They surveyed and interviewed researchers at ASIST and AOIR about this. I tweeted some notes. Seems like a lot of people agree with me that it all depends and should be on a case by case basis. Some scholars are using their social media to talk about their work or popularize it whereas others are using it for personal reasons and would not want that information to count toward their tenure.

Analytic Potential of Scientific Data

Carole Palmer presented.

She talked about cataloging books for the potential uses; that is, asking what searches should this come up under? what information needs could this satisfy? For this she cited Hjorland in 1997, but clearly it wasn’t new when Soergel wrote about it in his 1985 book! Anyhoo, her point was that data should be cataloged this same way. Librarians can work with data producers and data consumers to get an idea of what other groups might find data useful.

Using Information Obtained through Informetrics to Address Practical Problems and Aid Decision-Making

I have my own answers to the above, clearly, because in my day job I do apply informetrics to real world issues (and not promotion and tenure!). The speakers generally gave an overview of their recent work and some of that was for government or industry. Besides such things as evaluating institutions, groups, and individuals, they mentioned understanding the sub-areas of a field to design an academic program, evaluating journals for selection in a library, and looking for collaboration partners.


Personal Information Management (session)

The speaker everyone wanted to see – the one about duplication – wasn’t there 🙁  The second speaker just gave a tutorial on survey design. I have no idea how this made it through review when so few papers were selected. The third group of speakers had an interesting piece on the PIM of teachers. That should be useful for helping to design systems for them.

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