OT: New project for the spring

Oct 22 2011 Published by under Off Topic

I've started on a new project that is consuming a lot of energy (more than the amount available, it sometimes seems), and I've finally decided to announce it here. This is not to excuse the lack of posting, though. I do feel somewhat energized by ASIST and hope to get back on the blogging horse soon.

So here it is: my husband and I are happy to announce that we're expecting twins in the spring (April 12,2012).

These are our first and we're scared to death.  Everything seems to be nominal so...

Anyway, it's been a pleasure to use the resources of the medical institution that is another division of my parent institution. I've been consulting MDConsult and AccessMedicine regularly with all the little things. I think I'm actually scaring the doctors a bit, but it's all good. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. (congratulations are welcome as long as they don't come with a tummy rub, lol)

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