OT: Short term outcome of my spring project (TMI)

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If you follow me on twitter, you likely know this already, but I thought I would post some additional information here. This is really TMI if you're just looking for information on library and info science, so you might want to skip this.

My spring project was to give birth to twins, and I did that, but few things go as planned. I was due on 4/12/2012 and I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy up to the very end of February. It was really remarkably uneventful.  Then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, my blood pressure started to go up quickly. I got put on bedrest at home on 2/29. My blood pressure continued to go up, my extremities got very swollen, I had a big weight gain in a short time, ... and then protein in my urine, my platelets were off, and my liver enzymes were off.... well, for people who have had this, it's pretty clear. I developed pre-eclampsia.

The babies were happy. They weren't at all ready to go anywhere. They passed their biophysical profiles with flying colors. I honestly don't really care about my own health and 2 of the OBs in the practice were of the mind to keep monitoring me to let the pregnancy progress. Yes there is some risk of liver and other damage but it's reversible after delivery.

Then, on Friday March 9, the OB who was on call called me at 9pm to ask me to come in to L&D for monitoring. She was not of the let's watch it mentality, she was of the holy-cow-this-looks-bad mentality. So when she brought me in and they did another blood test, the results were pretty stable (had not really gotten worse from other tests), but she still made the call that I needed to deliver immediately. I was still hoping for a vaginal birth and as of that morning, twin A had been head down so it was possible. B had flipped during the day, and now had his leg between A and the exit, but there was some hope. So they moved me to a delivery room and administered Cervidil - which was completely miserable and absolutely ineffective.

So flash forward past a night of cramps (side effect of the medicine), 3 monitor bands strapped tightly around my belly (they were scratchy and rubbed my tender stretch marks), loud heartbeats (reassuring only for the first 30min and then just obnoxious that the nurse didn't turn the monitor down), and laying in the most uncomfortable position (they couldn't get the monitors to stay on in preferred positions)... The morning ultrasound showed that twin A flipped again and both babies were breech.

So I had a c-section on March 10. Baby A (a girl, 5lb, 18.25") was born at 11:34 and baby B (a boy, 4.1lb, 17") was born between 1 and 10 minutes later, depending on what documentation you look at. They did a spinal block and epidural, and it was all amazingly painless. My husband was there the whole time holding my hand. The biggest deal was trying to get them to give me my glasses so I could see when they did hold the babies up. Well, a bigger deal was how I couldn't have the babies on my chest after birth. In fact, I really didn't get to see much of B  - he was whisked off to the NICU. My husband was able to take some pictures and he was able to hold A and bring her to me and hold her up to my face.

I was then in recovery for a much longer time than typical as they monitored my blood pressure. That's when the whole family descended and my husband took them one at a time to the NICU and by the nursery window. So the whole family saw twin B before I really did. A few hours later they wheeled me through the nicu on the way to the maternal child ward so I could visit him.

By this time I had told everyone who would listen and some people who wouldn't that I intend to breastfeed and I need my babies. Finally in the MCU they brought my girl and I was able to give it a go with her. My husband didn't stay over - no one did - so they had to take her back in the nursery when I was there alone because I couldn't get out of bed. The next day they finally got me up - only around lunch time - and I took a shower and then headed off to the NICU to try to see and hold my son.

Nothing really went as intended. It was miserable with one baby in the NICU and the other in the nursery or my room. Also, I really wasn't up to walking because my feet were total balloons and my sciatic nerve was still hurting. The NICU had very strict rules (of course) but every nurse interpreted them differently. They talked a good game about kangaroo care and bf mothers, but in reality it was very difficult to actually get there to bf and I wasn't allowed to unwrap my baby to put him on my chest or to wake him for breastfeeding. They kept telling me how he might not be able to latch but the boy had no such issues... They insisted on a bottle - they wouldn't use any kind of alternate method except for a feeding tube. I pumped every chance I got so they would at least give that to him.

Anyway, long story short. The girl and I came home on the Wednesday and we went and picked up the boy on Friday. Since then it's been feed, change, sleep... feed, change, sleep. I have short term disability leave until 5/4 and then we'll see what happens next.


Oh, and I guess I'm looking for suggestions about what to call them here on the blog. Janet calls hers sprogs. There is a mini-z... what should I call mine?

And don't worry, this won't become a mommy blog. I'm still me  🙂

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