Mobile device pairing. Kind of cool and way overdue.

May 15 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I often get the question: isn't there something I can do to identify my work laptop so that I can go home and the journals, etc., will still recognize me without having to use the proxy or vpn?

Seemed kind of far-fetched. A publisher who was willing to that would be... gasp... giving up some control!

In a recent announcement, the American Mathematical Society informed us that their users are able to do just that.

They're not the first or only. You can roam with EndNote Web for a year. I think there is something similar with some of the Elsevier apps (maybe just scopus?). The ArtStor app used to do this (they might still... not sure).Maybe EngNetBase (but that was really clunky when I tried it).

This is nice - takes down some barriers for the users, increases usage, and still links downloads/reads to institutional subscriptions.

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