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Jun 22 2012 Published by under publishing

I'm always complaining about publishers and the various messes they make ... so I think it's really important once again to mention SPIE and how they're good people.  SPIE is for optics and photonics folks, btw, but they also have some more general interest defense stuff from time to time.

First of all, SPIE only charges what it has to to support publishing. They've had 5% decreases in price several years and they've held steady in other years.

They're very responsive to librarian requests and have a librarian newsletter.

Finally, the thing that's prompted this post is how they're handling their migration. AIP is stopping hosting journals for organizations that are not member societies (that's confusing. henceforth they are only hosting journals for their member societies). So a bunch of publishers had to find new homes and SPIE is one of them. Some nice things:

  • lots of notice
  • e-mails with lots of details and updates
  • migration checklist
  • keeping the same URLs where possible and having permanent redirects elsewhere (other journals have cut over hard with no notice and no redirects!)
  • they're proactively working with SFX and with CrossRef to make sure that all goes smoothly
  • they're ADDING legacy content back to 1962 at no additional charge
  • they're even moving alerts over (this is very unusual)
  • they picked a platform that gives them lots of new features (see: http://sdlinfo.org/migration)

One of their primary competitors has had huge price increases without adding as much new stuff.

Bravo SPIE! Bravo!

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  • Dirk says:

    Thanks for the support and enthusiasm, Christina. It's great to have a librarian's perspective on the change. When AIP notified us a year ago that we were getting the boot, it was quite a shock, but I think it's going to work out to be change for the better (even with the surprise need for several thousand developer hours). The new platform is letting us add features that we've always wanted, but where we couldn't work out the agreement. As a smaller, non-profit publisher, we live and die by happy users, so thanks for being one!