So much on scholarly comms

Everyone is talking about my favorite subject - it's hard to keep up! I've been reading a lot of it on my mobile device while feeding thing 1 and thing 2 but that makes it hard to blog.

I hope to do some round-up posts and some commentary around:

  • journal impact factor
  • publishers finally defending their practices and responding to calls for open access, pressures from PLOSone and similar journals, etc
  • economic and business publications covering scholarly comms
  • what AIP publishing's ending of service to non-member societies means (it means lots of very good journals finally getting to functional platforms, among other things)

Probably some other stuff, too.

It's really healthy to have these discussions and I'm just disappointed that I don't have the time to follow them as closely as I would like. I might actually resort to a link dump if all else fails...

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