Yay SUNY Potsdam, but pondering the fungibility of chemistry journals...

Sep 12 2012 Published by under information policy, publishing

Jenica Rogers, the Director of Libraries at the State University of New York at Potsdam, has blogged that their institution will not subscribe to a big ACS (American Chemical Society) journal package for 2013. The quote that they got would make this one package over 10% of their total acquisitions budget. The reason this is so notable is that ACS is also the accreditation body for chemistry programs, and there is a list of journals a program must have access to in order to be accredited. ACS has long held that the journals - with the exception of a journal on chemical education - do not have to be ACS journals.

In her blog post she mentions alternative subscriptions to Wiley packages, Royal Society of Chemistry packages, and combining those with Elsevier journals. For the purposes of accreditation, I totally get substituting journals from one publisher  for another. For doing the chemistry, this has not been the case. Publishers have banked on must-have journals... is this no longer the case? Surely it's different because they are a smaller school? Surely it's different if you already have a severely limited chemistry journal collection?


And yes, I'm on fire with 3 blog posts so close together 🙂

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