eBook DRM - do not like!

Jul 03 2013 Published by under information policy, publishing

MPOW had a trial for Taylor & Francis ebooks - in my professional opinion (not anyone else's) - I find T&F stuff overpriced, difficult to use, and less important than stuff from other publishers. We're quick to call their competitors evil, but at least the platforms work well! With that said, there are a few key journals there that we pretty much need. Some of these books might be useful, too. So I took a look.

ew, ew, ew!  The DRM is horrible. View on screen in quick view or pdf view with limited printing, copying/pasting; or download (requires a plugin to Acrobat) and no copying/pasting or printing and it's "saved for a limited time."  Just say no!

Oh, and while I'm naming names... McGraw-Hill changed what they offer for their AccessEngineering Library a while ago so that you can't print unless you create a login (boo!). Today an engineer showed what the print out looks like - massive watermark in black obscuring half the page. Nice job, McG-H!

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