TwitteR, oauth, et al again

Jul 25 2013 Published by under dissertation

So I'm back again on the dissertation... finally... and of course since last time I got Twitter data, the original service I used is gone, the api has changed (multiple times), and now oauth authentication is required even for trivial searches. Sigh.

For reference here are some things that are helping me:

I'm using RStudio and the funny thing was that I ran the whole script first which of course didn't work because it needs you to stop, take a url, put it into the browser, and paste back in the PIN. So I figured out that I needed to do that... but in RStudio you can't copy the url... sigh... so I had to type this monstrosity... and then I couldn't figure out how to enter the PIN, but duh, I just put it in the script window and hit run for it. Then of course my computer had rebooted because it came from the factory with the setting to basically let windows updates do whatever they wanted. Anyhoo, finally I recovered and got it all working...

And then I tried the hashtag from the AGU2012 conference and zero responses. Huh? So then searched for "#icanhazpdf" and got 25... so then I looked at the API documentation and crap, crap, crap!!! you can only get like 6-9 days worth of tweets. Sigh.  Time to regroup.

FWIW, there's been a ton of cool literature recently and I'd like to get into discussing that but I need to make some headway on this analysis bit first instead of iterating on the lit review. Sigh.

edited to link urls and to remove a random link to an ebay store where you can buy a christening gown. sigh.

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