Peek in to the future DoD response to the OSTP memo?

Aug 27 2013 Published by under information policy

I'm really interested in how DoD, NASA, EPA (because of previous ties), and DoE will respond to the OSTP memo. I know that DoE is getting crap advice from some paid consultants to go with Chorus... but I haven't really heard much about the others.

Today I got a notice about the updated DoD Instruction related to Science and Technology Information (DoDI3200.12). This has been a pretty boilerplate instruction that establishes and sets the rules for DTIC, the Defense Technical Information Center. Keep in mind, too, that DoD components do sometimes (often?) blow off mandatory rules and requirements.

Anyhow. Here are some nice bits (emphasis mine):

Ensure that all results, regardless of outcome, of DoD R&E and studies efforts sponsored in whole or in part by the DoD, are documented and sent to the DTIC in accordance with DoDD 5105.73 (Reference ( af )).

(1) Components ensure that the DoD or extramural organization responsible for each research effort submits to DTIC, STI data that documents the effort to enable others to understand the purpose, scope, approach, results or outcomes, and conclusions or recommendations. The organization may submit any combination of technical reports, technical papers, journal articles , or other types of STI data .

(2) The organization must submit STI data that are primary sources of the information. Merely providing citations to where the information may be found is not sufficient to meet this requirement.

(3) Pending DoD implementation of the Office of Science and Technology Policy Memorandum , (Reference ( ag )), if an extramural organization responsible for a research effort elects to submit materials protected by copyright , such as peer - reviewed journal articles, to DTIC as part of its documentation of the effort, DTIC makes the information available consistent with the license afforded to the government under the terms and conditions of the applicable contract, grant, cooperative agreement, or other type of transaction

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