Is the US government a good partner for linked data services?

Oct 01 2013 Published by under information policy

When they shut down servers instead of keeping them up with a skeleton crew? LOC data services are down and, as far as I can tell, almost all of NASA's web stuff has been taken down. PubMed is available with a skeleton crew.

Joe Hourclé pointed out on some listservs that they were even given guidance to return an HTTP status of 302 which will essentially tell search engines that they're gone forever.

Luckily, a lot of government-funded science data services are run by universities and research labs that already have their funding and will keep working.

What a mess.

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  • One big difference that should be considered on the plus side of government sponsored services is that they are usually unencumbered by copyright or IP preventions on their reuse. Several mirrors of the data provided by LC are up and running. I doubt this would be the case if the services were provided by a corporation, or even some universities. Few services are as fully open as government data.