Dissertation ... picking up steam?

Nov 23 2013 Published by under dissertation

I should be more positive: picking up steam. Or picking up steam! But it's really pretty tenuous with the busyness at home and whatnot.

Here's where I am now... still (months late) analyzing the actual tweets as we head into the next conference. I'm going to collect and save this year's even if I don't plan to analyze it.

Started interviews and  interviewee tweeted about the interview which I think is awesome, but Bo (*) would frown upon.

Research talk Tuesday (eek!) for CASCI. I had hoped it would be livestreamed but I haven't heard about that to share the details. I will post the slides to SlideShare.

So anyway, I'm still alive. Lots of new papers on blogging, incidentally. Here are 3 (one via Jason Priem the others... I don't remember where I found them?)

  • Hank, C. (2013). Communications in blogademia: An assessment of scholar blogs’ attributes and functions New Review of Information Networking, 18(2), 51-69. doi:10.1080/13614576.2013.802179
  • Luzón, M. J. (2013). Public communication of science in blogs: Recontextualizing scientific discourse for a diversified audience. Written Communication, 30(4), 428-457. doi:10.1177/0741088313493610 <- reading this now, and I like it, but the research methods are sort of inadequately described? I mean, I guess I'm not used to reading rhetoric papers, maybe this is typical? worth a blog post for sure
  • Mewburn, I., & Thomson, P. (2013). Why do academics blog? an analysis of audiences, purposes and challenges. Studies in Higher Education, 38(8), 1105-1119.

oh and this one that discusses blogging while you research

Olive, R. (2013). ‘Making friends with the neighbours’: Blogging as a research method. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 16(1), 71-84. doi:10.1177/1367877912441438



* Kazmer, M. M., & Xie, B. (2008). Qualitative interviewing in internet studies: Playing with the media, playing with the method. Information, Communication & Society, 11(2), 257-278. doi:10.1080/13691180801946333

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