C&RL Vote for articles - write in campaign for Taylor!

Apr 22 2014 Published by under Information Science

Ok, so the only thing I'm doing for this campaign is posting here, but anyway.

College & Research Libraries is having a 75th anniversary special issue and they're asking readers to vote for the best articles: http://www.ala.org/acrl/publications/crl75 .

I don't know about a lot of the choices. I mean FW Lancaster (framed pdf) FTW, of course! And Kilgour, probably. Plus the anxiety one by Mellon (framed pdf) has definitely had an impact.

BUT they forgot the best one ever:

Taylor, R. S. (1968). Question-negotiation and information seeking in libraries. College & Research Libraries, 29(3), 178-194. (pdf)

Luckily there's a write in block. So you know what to do... write it in!


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