Random observation: Expanding database scope can sometimes be annoying

Apr 28 2014 Published by under Information Science

Observation, rant, whatever.

I sorta look like an idiot - more than usual, anyway - because I can't pinpoint the number of articles MPOW wrote each year from 2009-2013. I mean, I give a number and then a couple of weeks later they ask me to check the research databases again (I've probably mentioned that we didn't have a mandatory comprehensive tracking system internally until this year) and the number has changed.

In the last 4 weeks, ~77 articles were added to this one set of databases we have with our name in the address field for any author. Of those, 45 were published in 2013 or 2014.

They were all from conferences that should be covered by the database... so I guess I don't really have a solution. I'm comparing our research output with other organizations, though, so if a new organization is added, it's hardly fair to do them now and use last month's numbers for MPOW. SIGH.

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