I missed my 10-year anniversary in the biblioblogosphere!

May 07 2014 Published by under Admin

I had another blog in 2003, but I started my Rant in February 2004Laura Crossett's post reminded me to look 🙂

Like her, I look back and some of my posts are a bit weird and some are pretty good. Some were too strident for things that may not really have mattered. I think my posts preparing for my comps kicked butt. I wish I still knew what I knew then!

I was never part of the publib biblioblogosphere, but I enjoyed blogger meet-ups at SLA. I met some other bloggers who are still going and whom I count as friends. John got me invited to ScienceBlogs in 2009 and then the good folks invited me over here for the launch. I've really enjoyed being in both the library world and the science world.

Thank you all for your support!

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