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Jun 27 2014 Published by under Information Science

I've been keeping a million tabs open at work and a home, because I haven't even had the time to add things to my citation manager... I also have some things in print that I've been carrying back and forth to work every day (boy is my bag heavy!).  Most of these things probably rate a post of their own, but sigh...  Add to that my obsession du jour with screenscraping and text mining using R, Python, and Perl.... and the fact that I'm not good at it so everything takes longer (also would take less time if I actually RTFM instead of just hopped to code and tried it).

So here are some things on my radar (I'm giving no credit to whoever pointed me to these because I honestly don't remember! Sorry):

  • Hadas Shema,  Judit Bar-Ilan,  Mike Thelwall (in press) How is research blogged? A content analysis approach. JASIST. DOI: 10.1002/asi.23239
    She tweeted a link to the pre-print if you don't have access. I got a about 2/3 through this as soon as I saw it announced and then realized I had been working on a very important work thing and dropped it. Very interesting so far.
  • Lisa Federer (2014) Exploring New Roles for Librarians: The Research Informationist.Synthesis Lectures on Emerging Trends in Librarianship. New York: Morgan and Claypool. doi:10.2200/S00571ED1V01Y201403ETL001
    I was first like meh about this (another name) but then I relooked and I'm interested in their version of embedding.
  • Vanessa P. Dennen. (2014) Becoming a blogger: Trajectories, norms, and activities in a community of practice. Computers in Human Behavior 36, 350-358, doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2014.03.028
  • Paige Brown (11 June 2014) How Academics are Using Social Media. From the Lab Bench.
    This and all the linked reports look very interesting.
  • Pablo Moriano,Emilio Ferrara,Alessandro Flammini,Filippo Menczer (2014). Dissemination of scholarly literature in social media.
  • Jeff Seaman and Hester Tinti-Kane (2013) SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING. Boston: Pearson Learning.
    This was probably cited in the blog post above.
  • Liu, Y., Kliman-Silver,C.,Mislove,A. (2014) The tweets they are a-changin': Evolution of Twitter Users and Behavior. ICWSM. (google for it - I have the printout)
    This was mentioned by some folks from MPOW who went to the conference. Provides a nice overview.
  • Tenopir, C, Volentine,R., King, DW, (2013) Social Media and scholarly reading. Online Information Review 37, 193-216. doi: 10.1108/oir-04-2012-0062
    I might have actually read this but it's still riding around in my bag
  • Nentwich, M., König, R.. (2012). Cyberscience 2.0: Research in the age of digital social networks. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag.
    This one is time sensitive as I borrowed it from Columbia.
  • Holmberg, K. Thelwall, M(2013) Disciplinary differences in twitter scholarly communication. ISSI Proceedings 2013.  <- that was typed from my handwriting and not checked. google for it. I think I may have read this, but i have it in the stack to read again
  • Thelwall et al (in press) Tweeting links to academic articles. Cybermetrics J (google for preprint)
  • Haustein, et al. Tweeting biomedicine: an analysis of tweets and citations in the biomedical literature. ArXiv 1308.1838
  •  Sayes,E. (2014) Actor–Network Theory and methodology: Just what does it mean to say that nonhumans have agency? Social Studies of Science 44, 134-149.  doi:10.1177/0306312713511867

And this is just on my screen or in my bag. I think the babies tore up 3 articles i had waiting to be read by my couch 🙁  So far behind!


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