PyCharm FTW

Oct 12 2014 Published by under Off Topic

Another random Python note. I asked at work again in the Python group of our internal social networking thingy and consensus was that I should try PyCharm as a development environment.

All the stinking tutorials are like use a text editor and command line - and that's what I'd been doing - but with R, RStudio is so fantastic that I thought surely there must be something workable for Python. I had tried the eclipse plugin and I couldn't even get it to run a program and i couldn't figure out what it was doing and ugh.

PyCharm now has a community edition so you don't even have to prove you're a student or pay for it. It's lovely, really. I don't see why I should have to use VI like it's 1991 or beat on something with rocks to see where I'm missing a quote or have the wrong indents. Why not have help? I'm trying to accomplish a task not create art.

I really do have to continue coding and stop playing with Python. Particularly since when I do I end up losing hours of my life when I'm supposed to be sleeping!

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  • Comradde PhysioProffe says:

    Do they have stuff like that for Perl?

    • Christina Pikas says:

      I don't know - when I last did stuff in Perl, I just used a text editor. It's called an IDE. If you search for Perl IDE looks like there are a few suggestions, but none from the organization that made PyCharm.