Do too - I'll show YOU!

Mar 15 2015 Published by under finding information

Lookin' for some lit as one does when one is supposed to be writing instead of adding to the impossible list of things to double back to add to the lit review... Via who-cited-who and Scholar, ended up on a TandF page. Looked interesting - right click, reload through proxy for my place of work. It sneers - "sorry you do not have access to this article" - access options include paying $40 for the article. Um. No.  LibX has kindly highlighted the doi... clicked... got to my beautifully customized SFX page (with Umlaut) and it's full text on a major aggregator. Take that you! Ha!

And, this is probably even better than seeing it at the publisher, because our custom FindIt page tells me the article has been cited 23 times (oh well maybe not I see that TandF does offer that info, too).

Sadly though, I'll bet hardly anyone at my place of work would have thought to take this path.


Edited to add: moments later looking at JSTOR. They kindly ask if I think I should have access... then let me pick my institution and do a shibboleth login et voila. (price would have been $14 without).

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