Search as Conversation

Mar 11 2016 Published by under information retrieval

Not a new idea but seemingly ignored by research databases, no?

I just read: Beyond algorithms: Optimizing the search experience. Making search smarter through better human-computer interaction. by Daniel Tunkelang (yes, I am turning into his fan girl, but it's because he does have interesting things to say!) posted in October 2015.

I immediately wanted to bookmark, tweet, e-mail, print and waive it around... yes, this.

Some search tools - like Google and supposedly* like Siri with whatever lies beneath - do take a series of queries together to try to answer a bigger question.

Our databases do have facets. Some also have type ahead or auto suggest but the results are often hilarious and are not using query understanding techniques but just matching terms off a frequency list.

The one search box but then segment the experience - I think this is where bento is trying to go... but doesn't really? We can for sure do better.

Anyway. Read the blog post.


*my Siri has gotten stupider. It really has. It used to provide better results.

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