#AcWriMo: Late start

Nov 04 2017 Published by under Off Topic

I'm going to try to get re-invigorated with writing this month. For me, it's of course not academic writing but scholarly writing.

Here's what I'm working on - and this is all outside of work stuff:

  • dissertation > first journal article describing the framework and testing it
  • dissertation > second journal article or maybe conference article looking specifically at longitudinal changes/evolution of use of twitter at science conferences (also want to eventually update and publish a longitudinal look at the continuing role of blogs, and of scholarly informal communication in general)
  • short article on using k-means longitudinal clustering for citation trajectory modeling (this I really want to do - more motivated by this than the others!)
  • article based on the work that generated the METRICS17 poster - bibliometric institutional profiles.

Goal: work every day, and at least 2 hours on Saturdays. Really, just get writing!

Yes, I should pick one of the above articles instead of doing all these at once. Going to try to meet up with advisor around turkey day so there's a short goal - we're working only on the first one so that *should* be a priority even if less fun.

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