Proliferation of free databases of literature

Apr 27 2018 Published by under information retrieval

Google Scholar by now is the big player in free places to search across the literature. There are some oldies that are more specific in coverage: CiteSeer, DBLP, etc. And of course big government specialty: PubMed, Eric, TRID...

But now there are lots of other choices, which is mostly a good thing:

Microsoft Academic is back being actively developed. There's an API which allows some free usage and you can download the whole thing.

Base  - this has been around for a bit and people do really like it

Lens - also looks at patents

1findr - has a free and a paid version. They have a commercial product to help you locate open access when available

dimensions  - also free and paid versions


maybe Share is also in this category? and ScienceOpen ?


As I say a lot, the problem isn't enough, it's probably one more of precision and efficiency. Also access to quality clean data in quantity.


Follow Aaron Tay specifically, and in general - he's keeping an eye on the space.


Editing to add: Ryan Regier (also keeping an eye on the space and worth a follow) adds:

Science Open

Semantic Scholar



Maybe also could add Mendeley - although it's built differently.

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