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15 Dec 2017 An ephemeral platform, used for other than ephemeral, and the death of Storify

04 Dec 2017 More evidence for the discovery layer as pile of crap metaphor

02 Dec 2017 No, vendor, we don't want a pile of crap actually

28 Nov 2017 Welcoming Confessions of a Science Librarian to Scientopia!

13 Nov 2017 Providing real, useful intellectual access to reference materials from current library pages

04 Nov 2017 #AcWriMo: Late start

01 Nov 2017 ASIST2017: Information Use Papers

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Top Ranked Papers

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Technology as Humanism (plenary)

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Making A Case for Open Research: Implications for Reproducibility and Transparency