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13 Nov 2017 Providing real, useful intellectual access to reference materials from current library pages

04 Nov 2017 #AcWriMo: Late start

01 Nov 2017 ASIST2017: Information Use Papers

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Top Ranked Papers

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Technology as Humanism (plenary)

31 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Making A Case for Open Research: Implications for Reproducibility and Transparency

30 Oct 2017 ASIST2017: Social Media Papers session

30 Oct 2017 ASIST 2017: Digital Literacy in the Era of Fake News: Key Roles for Information Professionals

29 Oct 2017 Poster for METRICS2017: Methods for Bibliometric Institutional Profiles for the Practitioner

27 Oct 2017 ASIST2017 METRICS PM