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Scientopia Fundraising

Oct 26 2018 Published by under Admin

Quick off-topic comment - if you'd like to support Scientopia, you can find a button on my right hand sidebar to do so.

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The MacRoberts cite this blog (sorta)

Jan 22 2018 Published by under Admin, scholarly communication

So a quick check of Twitter led me to this very true tweet of Jason's:


I've read a bunch by the authors (and cited it - particularly the part that deals with informal scholarly communication), but I hadn't read the current one:

MacRoberts, M.H. and MacRoberts, B.R. (in press). The mismeasure of science: Citation analysis. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. doi: 10.1002/asi.23970

It deserves in depth treatment, but check this out:

screen shot showing them referencing this blogeta: It's a cite to a comment by Croft on current url: (old does redirect). (so not to me reviewing their article, but to a commenter, but still)

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Welcoming Confessions of a Science Librarian to Scientopia!

Nov 28 2017 Published by under Admin

I'm pleased to point to John's new home here: 

His first post rounding up best science books is live already. We'll get him linked from the home page - but check it out!

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2015 in Review

Jan 04 2016 Published by under Admin, Uncategorized

Well, 2015 was sort of a meh year for me. Definitely on the blog.

January: Using more of the possible dimensions in a network graph - I was glad I shared this and glad I was able to make it work in the first place.

February: So... um... what if I'm still enjoying it? - about my dissertation.

March: Polar and Ellipsoid Graphs in iGraph in R

April: Which are the bestest? Top articles from a diverse organization - part 1 - never did part 2 AND still need to write this up for publication

May: ACS and Just Accepted Manuscripts

June: Notes from a presentation on library spaces by Keith Webster

July: none

August: Why special librarians should be active on their organization's intranet social media - the title of the post is not really descriptive. This is a research blogging post about the use of social media on a company's intranet.

September: The smart phone and parenting children - two articles

October: "Theory" for the immigrant to social sciences

November: Citation Manager Frustration - I actually had 3 posts on the same date, but this is the most important. I really don't like the way things are going with citation managers. As an update: the folks from RefWorks did contact me and I described a bunch of the issues. I think they'll have other ways to solve the same problems I'm encountering than what I proposed but they definitely seemed interested.

December: Bibliometrics: Getting an accurate (+/-) count of articles published by an organization in a year

I'm shocked that I posted at least something every month but July.


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Nov 20 2015 Published by under Admin

Where have I been? Same place - preschool twins, dissertation, full time work.

The dissertation is being completely reworked. Due to the committee at the end of the semester for defense either over break or in February (and I can't miss that because I will be dismissed from the program if I don't make it). That definitely deserves more discussion. I went back and went a lot deeper into CMC literature - nothing really new there - but also picked up some lit on English for Academic Purposes and linguistics. Interesting stuff.

I have no idea how people write books.

Also attended MD SLA's Leveraging Data to Lead. I'll post my slides next.

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Post migration settling in

Oct 06 2014 Published by under Admin

We migrated to a new server and updated our software. See here:

There might be some settling in issues. Let me know if you see anything here. I suspect my code on the sidebar needs attention - which I do not have time to give it 🙁  Also, comments might get caught in pending or spam filter. I hope not but let me know.

In case you missed me: dissertation progressing, committee ok with progress, toddler twins will likely kill me, family issues (health and otherwise), work is busy in a good way.

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I missed my 10-year anniversary in the biblioblogosphere!

May 07 2014 Published by under Admin

I had another blog in 2003, but I started my Rant in February 2004Laura Crossett's post reminded me to look 🙂

Like her, I look back and some of my posts are a bit weird and some are pretty good. Some were too strident for things that may not really have mattered. I think my posts preparing for my comps kicked butt. I wish I still knew what I knew then!

I was never part of the publib biblioblogosphere, but I enjoyed blogger meet-ups at SLA. I met some other bloggers who are still going and whom I count as friends. John got me invited to ScienceBlogs in 2009 and then the good folks invited me over here for the launch. I've really enjoyed being in both the library world and the science world.

Thank you all for your support!

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Recommended in a book!

Mar 04 2014 Published by under Admin

What a pleasant surprise!

I was just glancing through:

Fosmire, M. (2013). Sudden selector's guide to physics resources. Chicago: ALA. Available online at:

When I saw this:

Christina Pikas,
Christina’s LIS Rant
An outspoken and knowledgeable SLA PAM member, Pikas is a force of nature, and her blog provides commentary on scholarly communication, science librarianship, conference summaries, and life as a doctoral student

More incentive to keep posting, and keep talking about science librarianship 🙂

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Ye newe Guest Blogge is up!

Feb 13 2011 Published by under Admin

Some great contributions from some very good bloggers around the web will be at The first contribution is already up - check it out!

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Feed should be ok now

Sep 08 2010 Published by under Admin

With the re-direct there were some issues. The feed that you get if you click on the button in the upper right should now work and should give the full post. Please let me know if that isn't the case.

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