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Craptacular: stories of poop in the library!

Aug 18 2010 Published by under [Etc], libraries

This post is a round up of stories requested from Library Society of the World members on FriendFeed. It is done both to address a call for weird library things and as a submission for the Carnal Carnival (Bora has set the scope very wide for the inaugural edition).

Libraries get all types of visitors. Some do unpleasant things. These are some stories (some quoted exactly, some re-told). Feel free to share more in the comments.

When I worked in a large suburban branch of a public library we had some real characters (some that might qualify for subsequent carnivals, unfortunately). One decided to poop in a paper bag and leave it in the magazine section. On the floor. The poor janitor opened the bag the first couple of times to see if it was something to be thrown away. We patrolled, we watched, but we never caught him. Eventually it stopped. We also had a bit of, um, finger painting in the restrooms.

Two librarians reported stuff tracked throughout the building. Apparently a mess on the floor in the restroom got tracked. (Health hazard?)

Jason tells of a patron who would leave poop sculptures in the bathroom. (Venus de Milo? or more abstract, one has to wonder)

Miriella tells of a woman with a very upset tummy who managed to coat the toilet and the walls and herself. She then reported it to the desk, apologized, and described digestive problems.

Elaine reports “My husband (not a librarian) caught a guy pulling down his pants about to poop in the stacks at our local library and apparently just frog-marched him out of the building” (wow – that’s gutsy, like I wouldn’t get anywhere near someone taking a crap. Well, anyone out of diapers. Luckily dude held fire as marched!)

Rochelle tells us “At the old place, one of our patrons had taken a card catalog rod to help extract what I have been told was an amazingly long coil of shit, which was, I believe, uncoiled along an upper ledge of a men's bathroom. I only heard the story immediately after it happened and have often been sorry that I did not go in for independent verification. Knowing the patron, I have no doubt that the story was true.” ( a card catalog rod is a metal rod that goes in the bottom of the drawer to keep the cards from falling out when you remove the drawer. Probably about 3 feet long, 1/8” in diameter?  depending on the poop, maybe a broom or mop would have been more effective?)

Dan’s dad did maintenance at a library. A drunk guy came in, went to the corner, dropped trou, and pooped. Right there.

There are also poop-in-the-sink stories. Come to think of it, I believe that happened at our branch. Hey, that branch is not that far from the other place it was reported – serial sink pooper or just common practice in Maryland?

Ew. Just ew.


Two other stories. First, it's been pointed out that if you're on a college campus and you have to poop, the restrooms in the library might be nicer and cleaner than others.

Second, John tells of a dog, while being ushered out of the library, stopping to poop on the carpet.

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One Week Anniversary

Aug 09 2010 Published by under [Etc], Admin

It's been a busy and exciting week here on Scientopia! Lots of new features just in this week (rotating quotes, polling, and the sharing thing at the bottom are the most recent). There were some minor bumps along the way but I think we're all set now.

I've ordered my Scientopia swag (and you can, too).

I was going to try to post more often - particularly for the first week - and I'm happy with my posting rate. Just in case you're in Christina overload, never fear, I'll probably slow down a bit from now on. It has actually been much easier than I expected because there have been so many interesting things going on.

When John and I first got to ScienceBlogs we asked what the readers wanted to know. I'll ask again now - what would you like to know about library and information science? My experience and expertise is basically orthogonal to Dorothea's so if it's in her realm, I'll pass it off to her.

So Happy Anniversary and many happy returns!

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Blog of substance, eh?

Aug 06 2010 Published by under [Etc], Off Topic

I've now gotten tagged twice (at least) for this meme. Bora tagged Byte Size Biology who tagged Mike the Mad Biologist who tagged me and John and then John re-tagged me.

1. Sum up my blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.
2. Pass this award on to 10 other blogs.

Librarian, long-time blogger, science fan, into information sharing and collaboration

I'm going to tag the entire Geoblogosphere - you know who you are - and the entire LabSpaces crew. I'm assuming neither will ever see this, so no additional burden 🙂

edit: oh good grief, the title had a typo!

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Settling in stuff

Aug 04 2010 Published by under [Etc], Admin

We're still working out a few bugs, thanks for your patience.

  • Comments are now appearing on this blog unmoderated - after I figured out how to do that. Some of my fellow Scientopians intend to take their comments off of moderation but haven't yet ( a few are on vacation or are doing field work or are at funerals so give them a bit of time)
  • The feed is coming out only with a summary even though it's set to provide the full text. This impacts a few of us. fixed
  • There are no categories showing on individual posts.fixed

There are probably a few more things - but as you can see, they're fairly minor, just in conveniences.  Please bear with us and our one overworked technical person! If there's something else that you see causing problems, please let us know.  Thanks!

Edited to correct the name of our site - thanks Carol!

Edited again to reflect how much work has been done - please do keep pointing out anything that you'd like to see done differently.

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